Zandra Rhodes hand Beaded Silk Chiffon Dress

$ 1,400.00


This garment has been produced by hand in Zandra Rhodes studio"Made in England" states the label. And thus the purchaser enters the world of Zandra Rhodes. It is quite rare to come across a Zandra Rhodes dress. Her customers we not "fashion" buyers, they were women with strong identities like herself who wanted unique wearable art pieces. This piece is additionally rare in it's coloring, Zandra is known for her bright pinks and teals, not black and grey, another reason to love this dress. A nice note too is to point out her influence from Mario Fortuny here with the micro pleated treatment on the hem and cuffs, hand rolled and weighted with beads gently like the master. This dress is in near mint condition aside from where a few slight tears have been sewn up by hand near the shoulder.

Decade: 1970s.


bust: 42 in.

waist: 40 in.

overall length: 48 in.

size: L.

US size: 10.

Vintage condition: good.


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