1930s Bias Cut Gown with Sequin Sleeves

$ 1,400.00

This is a classically beautiful black evening gown from the 1930s. Dresses of this period share a common theme of willowy elegance and body-conscious styling, a departure from the drop-waist styles of the previous decade. French designer Vionnet mastered the art of bias-cut skirts and made them popular, inspiring the fad for diagonal seams and geometric cut-outs. Bare or dropped backs were also a trend however not common, as were cowl effects in back and front, and over the shoulders. This gown blends several of these elements to form an effortlessly elegant gown with timeless appeal. The gently flaring bias skirt flutes around the ankles, but does not overwhelm the figure with volume. The art deco seams over the hips point towards the waist to emphasize a svelte shape. The cowl over the bust flatters in a Grecian-like drape. This soft element swiftly gives way to the hard, glittering effect of the sequin sleeves, which hang down to the elbows in wing-like drapes, cut out in ovals over the curve of the shoulder and upper arm, revealing just the right amount of skin. In the back, the sequins plunge down past the shoulder blades into a deep curve, which meets the upward triangle of the waist seaming to complete the hourglass effect. This gown is a masterpiece of inter-war design, blending the subtle and classic elements of the skirt with the glamorous sequins and flattering seams. With timeless beauty and vintage romance, this dress will look stunning at even the most modern of formal occasions. Mannequin is a size 4 and the dress fits her very loose, however keep in mind with the bias cut the wider you stretch it the shorter it becomes.

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Decade: 1930s

Material: Silk

Vintage condition: Very good


Bust: 36 in.

Waist: 32 in.

Hips: 38 in.

Overall length: 63 in.

Size: S/M

US size: 6

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