1960/70s Chanel Couture Dress

$ 3,900.00


This lovely dress comes with an even lovelier story. The woman we bought it from claimed to be the lover of the late Cary Grant himself. She had numerous pieces of clothing he had bought her, all with a story. This was the only piece of couture. Just imagine how on top of the world she must have felt walking arm in arm with her leading man in her new dress. This dress does not have a Chanel label however the fabric and quality of construction alone screams couture. The weight of the silk is of the highest quality and is thus fairly resilient to wrinkling. The finishing is all by hand, zipper, belt holes, buttons, etc. Please take note of our numerous photos regarding quality and condition. The dress is a day dress however one would look lovely at a cocktail party or dinner. The collar and ruffles are classic Chanel and this shade of camel is most flattering. A very classic and chic dress from the Couture house which veritably created the word.

Designer: Chanel.

Decade: 1970s.

Materials: SIlk.


shoulder to shoulder: 14 in.

bust: 33 in.

waist: 30 in.

hips: 39 in.

overall length: 43 in.

size: XS-M.

US size: 0-6.

Vintage condition: Very Good.


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