HalstonRoy Halston Frowick (1932 – 1990), known as Halston, was an iconic American fashion designer of 1970s.
He was born in 1932 in Des Moines, Iowa. In 1952 he moved to Chicago and started his career off designing fashionable hats. He gained big popularity and recognition after designing the Pillbox hat, which Jacqueline Kennedy wore to her husband's presidential inauguration in 1961. After that he got inspired to start designing women's wear.
Halston opened his first boutique on Madison Avenue in 1968. He had many connections with celebrities and New York socialites. He introduced his famous halter dress which became an American hit on disco floors in 1970s. His designs were also well-known for their luxurious-yet-minimalist, and sexy-yet-elegant looks.
Halston was also the first designer to fully license himself as a brand, which reshaped the whole business of fashion. He did a licensing agreement with JC Penney, and created designs that became accessible to women of different income levels. He also became influential in uniform design, making the Braniff International Airways’ staff uniforms.

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