1980s Vintage Designer Khaki Linen Tunic from Byblos

$ 688.00


What is not to love about this rocking easy piece from the boys at Byblos. Byblos is a lesser-known brand from the 1980s, cut short sadly in the early 1990s. Think of them as the Phillip Lim of their day. Known for easy yet luxurious fabrics they didn't fault in this piece. A beautiful weight of linen is doubled over the front swinging open with the wearer's movements. Add to that some perfectly placed pockets and you will want to live in this piece all summer long.

Designer: BYBLOS.

Decade: 1980s.


bust: 42 in.

waist: 42 in.

hips: 41 in.

overall length: 37 in.

size: L.

US size: 10.

Vintage condition: good.


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