Pierre CardinPierre Cardin (1922 - ) is an Italian born French designer famous for the Space Age designs and Avant Garde style.

Pierre (Pietro) Cardin was born in 1922 in Italy. He started his career at the age of 14 by learning the basics of the clothing constructing. In 1945, at the end of The World War II, he moved to Paris, where he acquainted with Jean Cocteau, film director, and was hired to design the dresses for his film "La Belle et La Bete" ("Beauty and the Beast"). In 1946, after film premier, he started his work at Christian Dior's newly opened fashion house, where he stayed till he opened his own company.

Looking for the inspiration he visited Japan at some point and became one of the first Western Designers to seek out Eastern influences.

Pierre is famous for his unisex fashion and geometric shapes, often even irreverent of the female form. He has been driven by his personal design philosophy that he sums as following: "To bring the shape to life, the proportions and the line must be right'.

His bubble dresses became an international success. A loose-fitting dresses, tightened at the waistline, broadened and brought back-in at the hem, thus creating a "bubble" effect, are still popular today. 

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Pierre Cardin