Plein Sud Rock & Roll Jumper

$ 288.00


Rock and Roll never looked this good. Neither did Emma Peal in the 1960s. It took Plein Sud to really knock the hot little jump suit out of the water in the 1990s. This girl is built strong too, solid fabric is tailored to really keep it's shape while defining yours. The zippers and studs define every right place while somehow keeping it classy. As we say here, rock it if you've got it!

Designer: PLEIN SUD.

Decade: 1990s.


bust: 34 in.

waist: 26 in.

hips: 36 in.

pants bottom width: 11 in.

overall length: 30 in.

size: S.

US size: 4.

Vintage condition: very good.


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