Romantic Vintage Valentino Silky White Lace Blouse

$ 588.00


Of course being a vintage Valentino piece this wouldn’t just be any ordinary white blouse. This lacey embellished vintage white, silky blouse is as romantic as can be! This is the picture perfect piece to wear on a gondola ride with your sweetie in Venice. We especially love how the charming vintage lace that adorns the front of this garment is seen again on the wrists and will be noticed every time you wave your pretty hands!

Designer: VALENTINO.

Decade: 1980s, 1990s.


bust: 42 in.

waist: 40 in.

hips: 42 in.

overall length: 29.5 in.

size: L.

US size: 10.

Vintage condition: nearly perfect.


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