1970s Amy Michelson for Holly Harp Tie Dye Halter Dress

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This is a beautiful gown by Amy Michelson for Holly Harp. Made of a tie-dyed silk with a crocheted network overlay, it is mottled in pure, yet subtle shades of turquoise, pink, orange, and purple. The crocheted net effect brings to mind the overlayed gowns of ancient Egypt, while the diamond grid and tie-dye silk have a definite disco vibe. The overall effect is one of intense texture and colour, which moves the eye around the figure and creates a wonderful sense of dynamic movement. The colours are not overwhelming, yet they are nevertheless striking. The halter-like neckline is drawn in by a silk bow at the back of the neckline, and the slinky silhouette is flattering. With its wonderful colour and texture paired with a classic shape, this dress is a unique and beautiful statement piece.
A beautiful palette of colours have been used to hand dye the silk yarns used in the knit of this dress. There is an added hand dyed silk sash woven through the neckline which ties in the back, giving this simply cut dress a touch more movement.

Designer: Holly Harp.

Decade: 1970s.

Materials: Silk.

Vintage Condition: Very Good.


bust: 32 in.

waist: 31 in.

hips: 39 in.

overall length: 55 in.

size: XS.

US size: 2.


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