1970s Michael Novarese Silk Fringed Butterfly Jacket

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American Couturier, WW2 war hero and humanitarian. Michael Novarese is a name every collector should know. He dressed the likes of Liza, Liz and Lee and thats just the start of it. Never fashion forward so he didn't make a big name for himself that way, however his clothes were always fashionable and always of the finest quality. Based in LA he dressed name after big name and you know they demanded the finest. This piece dates to the middle of his career in the 1970s. It is an interesting piece, a sort of shawl/jacket, very trendy amongst the Hollywood rockstar jet set in those days. the perfect piece to add a little warmth with a lot of movement and panache. Constructed of heavy silk twill with innumerable silk tassel fringe.

Designer: Michael Novarese.

Decade: 1970s.

Material: Silk.

Vintage condition: Nearly Perfect.


Bust: 36 in.

Overall length: 41 in.

Garment width: 34 in.

Size: XS-S.

US size: 2, 4.


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