1990s Givenchy Couture by Alexander McQueen Strapless Jumpsuit

$ 2,500.00

Designer Alexander McQueen's Savile Row history is very prevalent here where it meets the finest of french construction. McQueens years at Givenchy were paramount in his education of couture construction and how he could use it to create new garments. Here he has created a strapless jumpsuit out of a traditional men's pinstripe. The clean and simple looking design of the garment is thanks to the complex internal corselet and waist stays which keeps it in place on the body. A very fun and chic piece today as much as it was when it was designed.

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Decade: 1990s.

Material: Silk Wool.

Vintage condition:  Excellent


Bust: 30 in.

Waist: 28 in.

Hips: 40 in.

Overall Length: 47 in.