1990s Hologram Rave Sweater From Matsuda

$ 388.00


House music all night long This sweater is so much fun. From cult follower Japanese brand Matsuda by Yukio Kobayashi. The knit is amazing. They have some how figured out how to insert laminated images in between layers of the knit. The images vary from holographic hearts and winking eyes to flowers, an angel, clowns, and a cartoon lady baring it all. So Much Fun. Sadly it's been partied in and there are a few snags as well as a large repair to the front. Because of the wild nature of the piece it kind of looks intentional.

Designer: MATSUDA.

Decade: 1990s.

Materials: Knit.

Measurements: stretching.

bust: 40 in.

waist: 32 in.

overall length: 23 in.

size: M.

US size: 8.

Vintage condition: good, stitched hole in front.


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