Albert Nipon 1980's Black And White Androgynous Dress

$ 788.00


Need to suit up for something in the near future Madame?! Is it a black tie affair that you need a new piece for or an inventive office meeting with some of the head honchos? Either way, Miss, you can exercise your vigor and leave quite an impression wearing this magnificent 1980’s Albert Nipon androgynous dress! This is just magnificent how a very simple long sleeved, calf-length black dress has been altered by the addition of a tuxedo-like bodice and a black skinny tie. You will be just like a yin-yang when you wear this amazing piece… you will portray strongly that your male and female energies are perfectly in balance. Go get em’ tiger!


Decade: 1980s.


bust: 34 in.

waist: 26 in.

hips: 34 in.

overall length: 46 in.

size: XS S.

US size: 2,4.

Vintage condition: nearly perfect.


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