Attention-Grabbing Black And White Dress With Heavy Chain Link Skirt

$ 988.00


This is a remarkable dress through and through. Every inch is a bit more exciting than the next beginning with the relaxed black wrap around fabric that makes up the bodice and then in a flash turns to a contrasting bright white when you turn around! Keeping it as stimulating as can be the designer decided to craft the skirt out of heavy metal chains! Now this is rather revealing if worn on its own without an under-layer, but it is thought provoking and gloriously provocative for the daring and ultimately stylish of women!

Decade: 1930s.


bust: open in.

waist: open in.

hips: 38 in.

overall length: 35 in.

size: M.

US size: 8.

Vintage condition: good, reinforced.


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