Belle Epoch 1890s Victorian Silk Jacket With Over Cape Edged

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This circa 1890s Belle Epoch jacket/cape is truly amazing. We've seen many a heavy cape from this era in wools and velvets however never in pleated silk such as this. What is particularly cool is that it’s built on a jacket. The sleeves of which are beautifully pin-tucked chiffon with handmade silk buttons and button loops at the cuff. There is minor damage to the ruched chiffon on the shoulders however the garment is NOT dry rot. Additionally it has been re-lined giving it added strength making this piece totally wearable. It is so rare to find a silk piece this age in such great condition.

Decade: 1890s.

Materials: Silk, Chiffon.


bust: 36 in.

waist: free.

hips: free.

overall length: 29 in.

size: S.

US size: 4.

Vintage condition: fair condition, hooks are rusted, chiffon is wearing off on shoulders.


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