Boho Jumpsuit In Floral Pleated Chiffon With Beading And A Matching S

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Feel light and easy in this Boho jumpsuit. Floral pleated chiffon with light beading to catch the summer's light. It even comes with a matching scarf, which could also be tied to your purse or worn as a sash belt. The blouson bishop sleeves are the perfect length, just short enough to not drag through everything yet still there to keep the sun off feeling loose and breezy. Added practicality of it being a jumpsuit lets this lady take on the town.

Designer: DIANE FREIS.

Era: 1970s.

Measurements: waist stretches.

bust: 36 in.

waist: 28 in.

hips: free.

overall length: 55 in.

size: S.

US size: 4.

Vintage condition: very good.


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