Jean Claude Jitrois Leather and Suede Jacket

$ 850.00


This is a stunning blazer from the 1980s by Jean Claude Jitrois. Cropped to hip-length, its slight peplum effect accents the waist and the small of the back to a highly flattering effect. The jacket is made in a soft camel tone, with incredible black leather accents in swirling patterns which highlight the curves of both the jacket itself and the figure beneath, creating a dynamic and beautiful garment. The wide shoulders are balanced by the slim line of the torso, resulting in a wonderful hourglass shape. The jacket brings to mind the gorgeous and intricate jackets of the 1900s, when women first adopted tailored 'menswear' garments and began to take their well-deserved place in the workforce. This jacket balances power with beauty and finishes it off with beautiful craftsmanship. It's an unparalleled statement piece for your professional wardrobe.


Decade: 1980s.

Materials: Leather.


bust: 38 in.

waist: 32 in

hips: free.

overall length: 20 in.

size: S M.

US size: 6.

Vintage condition: good.


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