Clap Your Hands Say Yakety-Yak!!

$ 488.00


From the era of the Blitz Kids and World's End comes this crazy cool early 1980s ensemble. There is a skirt and a top; the top is sewn in two layers to read as a tank knotted over a T. The long skirt is sewn into a slight bubble. The skirt would also work pulled up and belted as a dress and the top works well with black shorts. Both of these pieces are designed to be heavily styled as was that look of the time. Dye your hair and spray it to one side, brush on the heavy shadow and dance up a storm!

Decade: 1980s.

Measurements: top:44 waist, overall top legnth: 23.

waist: 36-40 in.

hips: 52 in.

overall length: 35 in.

size: M L.

US size: 12.

Vintage condition: good.


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