Vintage 1990’s Matsuda Japanese Style Dark Olive Trench Coat

$ 1,200.00


This is an avant-garde dress by Japanese designer Matsuda. Inspired by a military aesthetic, the dress is highly detailed and masterfully designed. The inverted triangle shape over the shoulders, formed by a double-layer mantle which also serves as sleeves, points the eye towards the waist. The narrowing bottom of the chest piece, combined with the large buckle details over the hips, create a flattering hourglass shape without ever tightening to the figure. The curves of the back piece, the uneven hem, and the fluting skirt are offset by the sharp angles of the neckline, which cuts straight across the bust and then angles up towards the neck. A removable oversized hood drapes around the face, giving a the dress a desert-robe-like quality. With brass accents, intricate sewing, and beautifully executed design, the details of this dress offset its military khaki hue while complimenting overall effect, and make it a unique and remarkable piece.

Designer: MATSUDA.

Decade: 1990s.

Materials: Cotton.


sleeve to sleeve: 28 in.

waist: 52 in.

hips: 52 in.

overall length: 51 in.

size: OS.

US size: OS.

Vintage condition: very good.


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