Exqusite Hand Embroidered Net Dress

$ 588.00


This dress here is exactly why one collects vintage clothing. It's not just the cost of how many hundreds of hours of labor went into this dress; it's also the simple fact that there really isn't anyone alive today to even reproduce this embroidery, even if one had the money to hire them. The flowers vine their way up the front of the dress, primarily in the skirt but then again found adorning the neckline. Of particular note as well is the unique tiered scalloped hemline. The dress being from the 1920s does have a few pinholes and a period repair, none of which is noticeable when worn with a similarly toned slip. The dress has no closure as well and is meant to fit loose and away from the body, perfect for a balmy summer evening.

Decade: 1920s.


bust: 46 in.

waist: 36 in.

hips: 48 in.

overall length: 46 in.

size: M L.

US size: 12.

Vintage condition: fair.


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