1920 Exqusite Tambour Embroiderd Dress

$ 1,188.00


The embroidery work on this fantastic dress is don in both silk and metallic yarns. The motifs and colors show this dress's Medieval influence. The craftsmanship and styles of the golden age of Italy and the Medici's were a constant inspiration to designers of the early part of this century. Indeed this amount of fine embroidery is fit for a queen. What is really nice is that this dress is in very strong and wearable vintage condition, as well as it is cut in a loose easy to wear shape. The balance of the embroidery is lovely, framing the face and lengthening the torso while the silk of the skirt is unadorned allowing it to flow freely.

Decade: 1920s.


bust: 42 in.

waist: 42 in.

hips: 48 in.

overall length: 44 in.

size: L.

US size: 10.

Vintage condition: good, reinforced.


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