Fantastic Lace Duster Jacket From The 1920s

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Evocative of the popular Irish crochet and batten-burg lace jackets worn as status symbols of the earlier decades this coat from the 1920s would have been for a more modern woman. The lace has a 17th century Flemish pattern to it, in keeping with the love and revivalist mood of the day. Today it is effortless and completes even the best boho wardrobe. It is in near mint condition, no noticeable staining nor repairs, the chiffon trim is in fantastic soft and strong condition. Wear it as a coat or wrap and belt it to wear as a dress. As it's predecessors did, this coat is sure to impress the people around you.

Decade: 1920s.


bust: 35 in.

waist: 36 in.

hips: 36 in.

overall length: 46 in.

size: XS S.

US size: 2,4.

Vintage condition: good.


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