Fierce And Incredibly Glamorous Issey Miyake Jumpsuit with a Leather Belt

$ 1,288.00


A provocative piece for the woman who just might know how to smoke a cigar while properly betting on some horses at the track and then go home and tend to a rose garden in the countryside. This slightly androgynous suit-like jumper by Issey Miyake, brought a funky new feminine twist to a masculine classic, the pin-striped suit. This striped grey jumper, with camel colored waist leather belt is as minimalist as it is fierce and ridiculously glamorous in the coolest of ways.


Decade: 1980s.


bust: 50 in.

waist: 52 in.

hips: 52 in.

waist to crotch: 11 in.

crotch to bottom: 30 in.

pants bottom width: aprx 8 in.

overall length: 62 in.

size: L,XL.

US size: 12-16.

Vintage condition: nearly perfect.


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