Metal Embroidered Edwardian Tunic

$ 1,800.00


This is a beautiful sheer dress with abstract embroidery all over. A rectangular train falls from the back neckline, with a large piece of embroidery at the top. The styling of this train, as well as the beaded fringes on the sleeves and hem are reminiscent of traditional design elements from parts of Asia, such as the Japanese obi and the Korean hanbok. Western design has long been fascinated with the styles of the East, and the early 20th century saw an especially strong surge of aesthetic orientalism. The embroidered net is very similar to vintage sari designs. The end of the Belle Epoch right before WW1 saw many fantastic asymmetrical designs such as this however sadly it was a very short lived period making pieces like this exceedingly rare.

Decade: 1920s.

Materials: Cotton.



bust: 36 in.

waist: 36 in.

hips: 50 in.

overall length: 48 in.

size: S.

US size: 4.

Vintage condition: very good.


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