Issey Miyake Jumpsuit

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Issey Miyake's famed pleats give this jumpsuit a vertical texture and sheen. Wonderfully easy and comfortable to wear. The neckline is cut out of the fabric while flat leaving the corners to hang in the back. The main interest of this piece lies below the knee, where what initially appears to be a wide slit is actually a pair of asymmetrical leg-openings. The wider right leg allows for movement, while the narrower left is cut flatteringly close to the body. This gown is a stunning blend of classic lines and avant-garde construction.


Decade: 1980s.

Measurements: very stretching.

bust: stretches to 32 in.

waist: to 36 in.

hips: to 40 in.

overall length: 52 in.

size: XS.

US size: 0,2.

Vintage condition: very good.


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