Lavish Emerald Vintage Pioneer Brothel Girl Dress

$ 948.00


You want some gold don’t you my dear?! Well, you are well on your way wearing this! You fit right into the pioneering town of Deadwood South Dakota, 1864 that is, in this get up. This is the ideal garment for a lady of your kind to be strutting up to the gambling parlor table. The whisky drinking, pioneering gambler who just slammed down a bag of gold dust next to his playing cards is sure to take notice as you stand there in your sultry, lavish emerald dress. Don’t forget your fan on this outing my dear lady, it is sure to get very hot out there tonight before that dress comes off.

Decade: 1880s.


bust: 39 in.

waist: 34 in.

hips: 42 in.

overall length: 48 in.

size: M.

US size: 8.

Vintage condition: fair.


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