Lovely Insertion Lace Blouse

$ 588.00


This blouse is in wonderful condition; its 100+ years have been kind to it. It is a transitional piece, from the tight fit of the Victorians to the shapeless shifts of the 1920s. It buttons up the back with beautiful original mother of pearl shell buttons. The original tie as well is still attached as well. This is meant to tie around from the back to achieve the front blouson shape fashionable at its time. The front of the blouse is set with two panels of hand-embroidered flowers set between rows of lace. The pin-tucking and small lace details all over this blouse will make for a truly classic piece of history in your closet.

Decade: 1900s, 1910s.


bust: 42 in.

waist: 44 in.

overall length: 26 in.

size: L.

US size: 10.

Vintage condition: good.


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