Medieval Revival Silk Taffeta Edwardian Jacket

$ 888.00


What a cool jacket. It's so much fun when a piece like this comes along. Over 100 years old and as forward and contemporary looking as the day it was made. That is the true test of good design. A minimalist piece from the era of decadent embellishment. The merit lies purely within the stripped down design. The simple chic cut to the body of the jacket, with a slight bell flared shape, slim sleeves with an elbow poof. All these elements are drawn from 16th century men's doublets. Additionally what is great is just how great of a condition this piece is. Aside from some damage to the lining the silk is very strong and wearable.

Decade: 1910s.

Measurements: open.

bust: 34 in.

waist: 38 in.

hips: 36 in.

overall length: 25 in.

size: S,M.

US size: 6.

Vintage condition: fair.


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