Mimimal And Relaxed Gauzy Shirt Dress By Courreges

$ 788.00


Minimal and ultimately relaxed this shirtdress by Courreges is the perfect outfit for a hot summer day in the big city office. This piece with its gauzy texture and free-form style allows for maximum air flow around your graceful body… but you may want to add a little something underneath if choosing to don on an office day, as it is subtly see-through… and very sexy at that! If you wanted to spice this up for a night out throw on some sexy heels or even a pair of boots. No need to worry about an added layer for a thrilling night out. The way in which the outline of your shapely legs is visible through the fabric is just right for this kind of occasion!


Decade: 1980s.


bust: 44 in.

waist: 42 in.

hips: 42 in.

overall length: 33 in.

size: L XL.

US size: 10.

Vintage condition: nearly perfect.


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