Mischievous Long Black Cloak-Like Dress

$ 888.00


This long sleeved, ankle length cloak-like dress has a rather mischievous flair to it! What is going on underneath that zipped up frock my dear? What is it you are waiting to reveal? We could see the wicked witch of the west donning this garment as poor Dorothy’s little dog Toto hides underneath. Well, at least he’s not getting cold as this lavish garment could warm the coldest of witches! Maybe that wicked witch of the west will have a turn of heart after all.

Decade: 1930s.


bust: 40 in.

waist: 35 in.

hips: 44 in.

overall length: 52 in.

size: M L.

US size: 8.

Vintage condition: good.


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