Spectacular 1920s Art Deco Sequin Net Dress

$ 4,000.00


Predating Paco Rabanne by 40 years we have this masterwork of design. Entirely constructed from sequins, hand knotted together such as a lace. The design of circles on the body is done using two different shapes, rings and discs. The skirt is tiered in three"ruffles" constructed similar to the body. Only in the skirt they have used black squares, pierced at the corners and then knotted together forming a diamond pattern. A true work of art deco geometry at it's finest.

Decade: 1920s.


bust: 32 in.

waist: 32 in.

hips: 32 in.

overall length: 43 in.

size: XS.

US size: 0,2.

Vintage condition: good.


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