Pearl And Crystal Encrusted Cocktail Dress

$ 948.00


Endless hours of exquisite workmanship have gone into this hand beaded dress. Wisteria shaped clusters of pearls cascade down a field of micro bugles and Swarovski crystals. A true gem fit for literal rock and roll royalty. Linda Ramone wore the exact same dress to the 2012 Grammys. Editors were torn about her full mod look with the boots thinking she should have gone with a leg-lengthening sandal. In our book there is no wrong option with a dress this gorgeous.

Decade: 1980s.


bust: 34 in.

waist: 30 in.

hips: 34 in.

overall length: 38 in.

size: S,M.

US size: 2-6.

Vintage condition: very good.


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