Phenomenal "Reform" Dress From The Begining Of The 20th Century

$ 1,748.00


Not only is this dress sick! And in fantastic condition, it is so rare you will probably never see one similar again. The cut, ornamentation and construction on this dress date it to the early teens, before a looser silhouette was the fashion in the 1920s. This dress was most likely worn by a revolutionary woman who believed strongly in the absurdity of the corset."Aesthetic" dress came about after the earlier Victorian dress reformers. This dress comes right after. Worn by an artist - most likely Emilie Louise Flöge? - Or muse to one such as Klimt or Thayatt. Possibly even from the Wiener Werkstätte house itself. A rare treasure.

Decade: 1920s.


bust: 52 in.

waist: 54 in.

hips: 72 in.

overall length: 50 in.

size: L XL.

US size: 12,14.

Vintage condition: good, reinforced.


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