Powerful Long Black Colorfully Embroidered Cloak

$ 678.00


This gorgeous statement piece boasts its splendor like a proud peacock! A warm and powerful garment to don, this long, black cloak with red piping and colorful embroidery is going to get some “ooooooooo’s” and “ahhhhhhhhhhh’s” for sure! When wearing this garment you will certainly stir up some style conversation and don’t forget to point out to your admirers the glorious embroidery that stretches over the back of this one of a kind, kingly piece!

Decade: 1960s.


bust: 40 in.

waist: 54 in.

hips: 64 in.

overall length: 62 in.

size: M.

US size: 8.

Vintage condition: very good.


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