Sharp And Sexy Dress By Jean Paul Gaultier

$ 1,200.00


Bravo, Jean Paul, Bravo! This extraordinary garment by Jean Paul Gautier depicts an intriguing visual dichotomy. The fabric is a “glowy” shade of beige…the sweet color of moonlight, very mellow and warm. Meanwhile the design is sharp, almost rigid, very sexy with an heir of taboo as well. The three belted straps around the waist is very erotic and reminiscent of the bondage style. Rising up from the waistline you are released from the hold of the three belts and the shoulders are free and exposed… look again however and notice the sweet collar gently grasping your neck, keeping you in line. Sweet and tailored, sensual and funky, this dress will rock many a persons’ world as you strut by tonight!


Decade: 1990s.


bust: 32 in.

waist: 30 in.

hips: 36 in.

overall length: 41 in.

size: XS.

US size: 2.

Vintage condition: nearly perfect.


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