Silk Net Beaded 1920s Tabard Dress

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1920s or possibly late teens. This is a beautiful piece. It is widely understood that the French beaded pieces were done on net while the American dresses were on chiffon. An interesting tidbit regarding this piece. When the garment is not attached all the way down on the sides like this it is called a Tabard. This development came about with the more intimate and lively dances that became popular after the war. Today they are still a great design as they lend themselves to being layered with a myriad of options. Wouldn't this look lovely over a pair of white skinny jeans?

Decade: 1920s.


waist: 40 in.

overall length: 47 in.

size: S,M.

US size: 6-8.

Vintage condition: good.


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