Stunningly Stylish Black Pleated Skirt by Issey Miyake

$ 1,488.00


This relaxed, yet stylish vintage Miyake outfit is incredibly individualistic, and casual enough for everyday wear. Issey Miyake as a fashion designer is most known for his daring and technologically inspired designs. The vintage Issey Miyake long sleeved top and skirt seen here is constructed of a relaxed, soft brown fabric that is cinched together on the sides of the legs, arms and just above the derriere, by way of cords, to create fantastic architectural dimension. This method of creating dimension also creates pleats that begin just around the knee and softly sway down through the hemline. This is an absolutely sweet, comfortable and ever fashionable vintage Issey Miyake pairing to add to your collection!


Decade: 1990s.

Materials: Polyester.


waist: 30 in.

hips: 42 in.

overall length: 37 in.

size: S, M.

US size: 6.

Vintage condition: nearly perfect.


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