Victorian Silk Satin Coat with Quilted Lining

$ 1,200.00


This is an absolutely stunning deep violet Victorian mantle, likely dating from the period between 1857 and the very early 1870s. Properly called a dolman or opera coat, this beautiful garment is made in silk satin with elegant scrolling leaf applique. The voluminous shape of the coat was made to flare out over the large hoops worn by women in the mid-Victorian period, and the flared sleeves are a fashionable remnant of the tiered pagoda sleeves of the later 1850s. The striking purple dye is likely mauveine, the first ever synthetic purple dye, which was discovered by accident in 1856 and took the industrialized world by storm. This was the first time in history that a true purple was affordable for most people, and the obsession with this colour spread rapidly and widely. Empress Eugenie and Queen Victoria both favoured mauve gowns, and the middle class was able to share in the fashion. This coat is a stunning example of why the colour was so popular. This piece has a quilted silk lining, a storm mantle about the shoulders, and a standing collar. It is preserved in stunning condition for its age, and should be handled with care.

Decade: Victorian.

Material: Silk Satin.

Vintage condition: Very good.


Bust: 38 in.

Waist: 40 in.

Hip: 42 in.

Overall length: 48 in.

Size: S-M.

US size: 0-8.


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