Yohji Yammamoto Backless Deconstructed Vest

$ 1,200.00


There is not really an easy way to describe a Yohji piece, other than saying it's a Yohji piece. His work defies definition and that is why his pieces are cherished by collectors and museums alike across the globe. This is more of a jacket with it's sleeves removed than it is a vest. Made of wool with a tall collar and heavy metal zipper. the back has been sewn open creating a reverse bare-midriff look. the shoulder panel falls as an architectural cape concealing a buckle which holds the vest in place across the front of the body. Such complex construction for such a clean lined piece could only come from the master himself.


Decade: 1990s.


bust: 34 in.

waist: free.

overall length: 30 in.

size: S.

US size: 4.

Vintage condition: nearly perfect.


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