Rare 1950s Seminole Indian Patchwork Skirt

$ 888.00


An exquisite and lovely piece of Native American handiwork and culture. The Seminole tribes of Florida are the only ones who were never forced into a peace treaty with the American government. They held fast in the swamps of Florida. A composite of Native Americans forced out of their native territories. They banded together with the existing tribes. Adding their colorful patterns together to maintain their family histories. Each separate pattern in the patchwork rows signifies an important family lineage. Starting in the 1930s and '40s they were making pieces for the tourists. This piece is most likely such a piece as it is in near mint condition, and does not look like it's been through much wear.

Decade: 1950s.


waist: 20 in.

hips: 46 in.

overall length: 31 in.

size: XS.

US size: 0-4.

Vintage condition: good.


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