Morphew is an inspirational lifestyle brand sourcing the greatest pieces of fashion’s past from around the globe. Parent company of fashion consulting business Paradox, servicing the world’s most celebrated designers. As Paradox began to define and shape the collections of top fashion houses, it became a coveted source for one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. Designers began sharing their finds with trendsetting musicians, actors and artists, and in 2013 Morphew officially opened its doors to the public.

Today Morphew, in partnership with Paradox, is a premiere source for designers, collectors, editors and stylists for the rarest pieces of fashion’s past all sourced with an eye towards modern trends.

Morphew is a unique brand steeped in rich historical concepts, tailored to fashion’s most influential creators, luminaries and tastemakers. With regular features in the international press, Morphew strives to connect the past and the future in style.


Bridgette Morphew is a creative entrepreneur with unparalleled aesthetic instincts. Her expansive understanding of the fashion business has shaped her successful and inspirational career. While still a college student in Florida, Bridgette Morphew started her first business, Victim Clothing, a t-shirt company. Through Victim she learned the process of branding and exploring design. The business quickly grew into a pop-culture phenomenon, and was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and The New York Times.

Upon graduating, Bridgette moved to one of the world’s fashion meccas, New York City. In 2005, she started Paradox Designs with a fundamental yet revolutionary idea: collect and curate rare fashion artifacts to provide fashion designers with an exclusive source of historical context. With a collection of over 5,000 pieces, Paradox is now a well-respected resource for the world’s most celebrated designers.

Bridgette’s unique vintage archive sparked interest among trendsetters like rock stars, actors and artists. With that in mind, in November 2013 Bridgette and her team created a new brand, Morphew, that serves a fashion-loving retail clientele. Morphew enables Bridgette to expand her founding mission beyond industry insiders to a community of enthusiasts and collectors.


A born wanderer with a youth spent spanning the globe, Jason Lyon has an eye for the rare and the exquisite. Lyon’s travels and education enabled him to cultivate a keen sense for fashion and textiles. A self-taught 20th century fashion historian, Lyon has a vast and insatiable thirst for knowledge. He delights in sharing his wisdom with everyone. Lyon’s unique combination of knowledge and enthusiasm gives him the tools to innovate and to expertly rework vintage archives under the Morphew Collection label. 

For Jason, a meaningful artifact is what he calls “a rare anomaly of fashion history.” As such he is drawn to pieces from both the world’s most famous as well as forgotten designers. Jason brings his unique understanding of quality, artistry and the history of fashion to Morphew. The brand proudly bears the imprint of his creative vision and bespoke expertise.

Bridgette Morphew Jason Lyon


Morphew Collection, a place where antique fashion, contextual history, future trends and technology meet. 

Morphew Collection goes beyond the notion of reclamation; it reinvents designs that are at once timeless and of its time. With the belief that restoration and creation go hand-in-hand. Morphew and Lyon carefully select fabrics and pieces to reconstruct, combining historical with contemporary silhouettes, fabrics and techniques, Morphing them into wearable, relevant and aspirational garments. The result is a collection of unique, trend-forward designs with strong historical contexts. 

The duality and tension that exist between antique pieces and contemporary fashion serve as a limitless source of inspiration for Lyon and Morphew. Morphew Collection is a place where the past meets the present, while instrumentally impacting the future of fashion.

MORPHEW Collection


Paradox Designs is an antique fashion archive of over 5,000 items from around the world. Its vintage, classic and couture designer items span over a century. Since its inception in 2005, Paradox Designs has been a source of inspiration and historical insight for the world’s top fashion designers. 

Paradox buyers scour the globe searching for unique pieces of fashion history and one-of-a-kind designs that serve their discerning clientele. “Designers come in with an abstract idea and Paradox Designs gives them access to the past — something tangible and multi-dimensional that they can use to build upon or shift, reshape and restructure. It’s not only an inspirational jumping off point or a dusty artifact, it’s a tool they can use to better channel and communicate their ideas,” says Bridgette Morphew of her carefully curated archive. 

Paradox is a highly respected resource for designers and retail customers alike, providing a direct through-line to the most iconic moments in fashion history.

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